A guide to PCI DSS in contact centers – 2nd Edition

This newly updated 2nd edition of our eBook is a collection of blogs from Syntec’s website since 2014 and provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of PCI DSS management in contact centers, from implementing a PCI project and first thinking about PCI compliance, all the way through to the specifics of what compliance involves for different aspects of your contact center operation.

Contents include:

  • Latest research and PCI guidelines confirm that DTMF masking is the new standard in MOTO telephone payment security
  • Neira Jones, Kevin Dowd, John Greenwood and more on GDPR, DTMF masking and the future of payment security
  • The history of DTMF in contact centers
  • Pause and resume is dead
  • Cash is no longer king – how does this affect the payment card industry?
  • Why US contact centers need to wake up to the EU’s new GDPR data protection legislation and other new security requirements
  • How PCI compliance can help you achieve GDPR compliance too
  • Keys to a successful PCI DSS project
  • How can my contact center become PCI DSS compliant? A check list of considerations
  • How to make IVR payments (and your call center) PCI DSS compliant
  • Confidence tricks – how PCI DSS compliance helps you win your customers’ trust
  • Outsourcers and homeworkers need to be PCI DSS compliant too
  • 10 questions to ask before you appoint a new SIP supplier
  • How to make your call recordings PCI DSS compliant
  • Call recording in your contact center – advice, hints and tips for wise practice

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