Lady holding card on mobile phone

Agent assisted versus self-service IVR payments – what’s the difference?

Our flagship CardEasy solution enables customers to pay securely using the touch-tone keypad of their phone, either whilst on a call with an agent (so-called ‘agent assist’ mode) or using a self-service IVR. The technology underpinning both options is DTMF masking. In this blog we’re going to explore these two options in more detail and […]

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Image of Alex Pezold, TokenEx founder

Expert insights – Alex Pezold, Founder and CEO of TokenEx

Alex Pezold is co-founder of TokenEx, whose mission is to provide organizations with the most secure, nonintrusive, flexible data-security solution on the market. In this interview he talks to Syntec’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Danny Cresswell, about the future of contact center security in ‘the new normal’.  Danny: Can you start off by explaining what TokenEx […]

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Phone keypad

Managing through disruption

The current global pandemic has changed the way the world does business, almost overnight. For a lot of companies, there was a mad rush to try and get set up for the ‘new normal’ – trying to get VPNs installed, ensuring workers had remote desktop access or company laptops and for contact centers, ensuring that […]

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The PCI SSC issues new guidelines for telephone-based payment card data protection

The global Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), of which Syntec is a participating member organization, has just published its most important guidance on payment card data security in call centers and contact centers since 2011. Entitled ‘Protecting Telephone-Based Payment Card Data’, this brings up to date their guidance on how merchants should […]

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A glossary of telecoms terminology

Telephony What is a PBX? PBX stands for ‘private branch exchange’. In short, a PBX is a business-grade telephone system. It offers a range of features that residential telephone systems do not offer – features such as forwarding calls to other extensions, routing of calls out of hours, hold music and so on. Most PBXs […]

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Five ways to reduce queuing time in your contact center

Customers generally hate waiting on hold, and the longer that they have to hold the more chance there is that they’ll abandon the call. High call abandon rates are never good but they’re particularly problematic if your business is running any kind of inbound marketing campaign when every call abandoned can mean lost business. Even […]

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12 New Year’s resolutions for your contact center

Tips and ideas for 2016 based on new features and developments of Syntec’s integrated contact center systems   Cloud contact center management innovation Effectively track call outcomes – Using Syntec’s AgentCall contact center management system, your agents can mark the outcome of each telephone call they handle using the call history tab, either during or after […]

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How to make IVR payments (and your call center) PCI DSS compliant

Let me start with an important distinction here first. If you want to take payment over the phone via an automated IVR system without call center agents involved, then it’s correct to talk about this as ‘an IVR payment system’.  But if it’s compliant card payments between customers and call center agents that you are […]

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