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Call center agents in masks

Voice of the Contact Center Consumer 2021

Recently the CCMA released its new research report – Voice of the Contact Center Consumer 2021. There has been a huge amount of discussion about the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on contact center operations and the knock-on effect this has had on customer service/experience, not just in our industry but across the board, and […]

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Image stating digital transformation

Digital Transformation – The Future of Contact Centers

Digital channels have become an integral part of the way that organizations connect with their customers. Consumers expect reliable and secure solutions for their platform of choice whether that’s email, social media, webchat, SMS, or good old-fashioned telephone calls. Digital channels continue to shape the way we all live, work, shop, and communicate. Having the […]

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Automated copy house

Processing secure ACH payments with CardEasy

Firstly, what is an ACH payment? An ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment commonly used in the United States for processing low-value domestic transactions. ACH offers a simple way for customers to schedule recurring payments – think monthly insurance premium payments, utility bills, and other similar payments. ACH payments […]

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Image of Alex Pezold, TokenEx founder

Expert insights – Alex Pezold, Founder and CEO of TokenEx

Alex Pezold is co-founder of TokenEx, whose mission is to provide organizations with the most secure, nonintrusive, flexible data-security solution on the market. In this interview he talks to Syntec’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Danny Cresswell, about the future of contact center security in ‘the new normal’.  Danny: Can you start off by explaining what TokenEx […]

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Expert insight: Juergen Tolksdorf, Senior Director, Innovation Management, Genesys

Juergen Tolksdorf is Senior Director, Innovation Management, Genesys Could you start off by telling me a little bit about your background, what your role is your involvement currently in the payment security field? I’m responsible for managing the ISV and Technology Alliance Partners with Genesys worldwide. Basically, I’m managing the vendor relations and most of […]

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Expert insights: Carlos Moreno Tobon

Carlos Moreno Tobon was a payment card and fraud analyst at Locus Telecommunications until recently. Would you mind starting off by telling us a little bit about your background?  We’re a prepaid telecommunications provider based in the United States, operating under the prepaid model which is very popular in Europe and South America, but really not very popular in the […]

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