Data protection hots up in Europe, the USA and now Australia

Data protection is indeed a hot topic at the moment.  GDPR raises the temperature significantly in the UK and the rest of Europe from May this year, whilst similar legislation is in effect in the USA and was recently introduced in Australia too.  All but two states in America require organizations to notify individuals of […]

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The history of DTMF in contact centers

The image of dual tone multi frequency signaling (DTMF) has come in for a makeover recently in  contact centers.  The engine behind automated IVR menus for many years, it also now facilitates new ‘keypad payment by phone’ technology to help keep customers’ card numbers safe when paying over the phone for goods and services. The […]

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How PCI compliance can help you achieve GDPR compliance too

As you probably know, there’s a lot of pressure on organizations to ensure that they are compliant with the new EU GDPR regulations by 2018. At Syntec we’re increasingly asked how PCI DSS and GDPR are related. In this blog I’ll discuss the overlap between the two and how PCI compliance can help you then build […]

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