Call center agents in masks

Voice of the Contact Center Consumer 2021

Recently the CCMA released its new research report – Voice of the Contact Center Consumer 2021. There has been a huge amount of discussion about the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on contact center operations and the knock-on effect this has had on customer service/experience, not just in our industry but across the board, and […]

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Lady holding card on mobile phone

Agent assisted versus self-service IVR payments – what’s the difference?

Our flagship CardEasy solution enables customers to pay securely using the touch-tone keypad of their phone, either whilst on a call with an agent (so-called ‘agent assist’ mode) or using a self-service IVR. The technology underpinning both options is DTMF masking. In this blog we’re going to explore these two options in more detail and […]

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Phone keypad

Managing through disruption

The current global pandemic has changed the way the world does business, almost overnight. For a lot of companies, there was a mad rush to try and get set up for the ‘new normal’ – trying to get VPNs installed, ensuring workers had remote desktop access or company laptops and for contact centers, ensuring that […]

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Secure card payment using automatic speech recognition (ASR)

  Advances in voice recognition technology have changed the way we can now search the internet, as well as how we interact with smart devices in our homes. Consumers are increasingly familiar with such technology, no longer just as a novelty (such as asking Alexa to tell a joke) but as a core part of […]

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Some pitfalls of PCI DSS & GDPR to avoid for contact centers and remote workers

  If you’re holding payment card data within your organization’s contact center environment (for instance in call recordings, or in your network as transactions are made) you’re always at risk from a data breach, even if you’re PCI  and GDPR compliant. Many organizations have shifted calls and transactions to remote workers and outsourcers due to […]

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Padlocked credit card

Top ten benefits of using CardEasy

  CardEasy is our award-winning, PCI DSS compliance solution used by contact centers to reduce risk, compliance burden and cost related to the handling of card payments either ‘over the phone’ or using any digital channel. What are the benefits it can provide your business? The world is an ever-changing place and recently we have […]

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Enabling secure and PCI-compliant online payments via web chat

There’s been a big rise in consumers using online chat to interact with organizations recently. Superoffice suggests that as many as 41% of consumers now expect live chat to be offered on an organization’s website. Indeed, there’s evidence that consumers prefer live chat to other digital contact center channels, with 46% of customers stating a […]

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Another day, another airline data breach

As if the airline industry didn’t already have enough to worry about, with a 90% drop in traffic due to COVID- 19 and the ongoing threat to business from quarantine measures around the world, Easyjet is now the latest to report a huge data breach. According to news bulletins, some 9m customers’ details have been […]

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10 steps to multi-channel payment security in contact centers

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s 2018 guidelines entitled ‘Protecting Telephone-based Payment Card Data’ shifted the emphasis from their 2011 advice to securing spoken card data (as opposed to securing recorded payment card data). But now contact centers are embracing a multitude of newer digital channels in addition to voice, what are the best […]

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