PCI DSS compliance in contact centres – webinar recording

Improving customer trust and descoping from the regulations This webinar video will tell you everything you need to know about securing customer payments by phone in your contact centre. You’ll also discover how our CardEasy secure keypad payment system enables you to de-scope your contact centre from PCI DSS regulations by keeping the sensitive card data away […]

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How contact centre leaders are meeting the challenges of PCI DSS

This video presents the findings of our investigation into how contact centre leaders and payment service providers (PSPs) are meeting the challenges of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and card payment security in UK enterprises. We have also looked into concerns among consumers about card payments over the phone.

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Cloud-gazing – research into the future of contact centres

This video presents the results of a survey of 50 IT decision-makers at UK contact centres. In it you’ll learn about why cloud solutions matter to today’s contact centres, the benefits of using cloud systems, how cloud technology works, potential problems you might encounter when moving to a cloud-based system and the questions you should ask any […]

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