Cloud-hosted contact centre management solutions

Syntec offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products which enable you to manage all aspects of your contact centre efficiently and cost effectively.

  • The reliable, feature-rich and low cost AgentCall system allows you to improve efficiency and expand your contact centre with ease.
  • Market-leading reporting capability lets your contact centre managers know exactly what’s going on in the contact centre at all times – including homeworkers and multi-sites.
  • Reliable and flexible network-based queue management systems help you keep abandoned calls and disgruntled customers to a minimum.
  • A cost-effective call control solution enables you to re-route and re-point numbers throughout your network of contact centres and homeworkers.
  • Missed call alerts send you an email within seconds of a missed call, so your customer care staff can ring back straight away and repair the damage.
  • Syntec’s IVR system enables you to automatically identify and segment callers and prioritise, direct or divert their calls to the appropriate agent, whether onsite or remote.
  • Our outbound dialler technology is fully compliant with Ofcom regulations and enables you to coordinate single or multiple outbound call campaigns efficiently.

Key features at a glance

  • Live updates and call details for real time results
  • Live monitoring of agent status
  • Assign calls based on agent availability or skills
  • Supervisor monitoring of calls
  • Share inbound calls between home workers and contact centre
  • Cost effective with low annual overheads

Efficient, scalable and low-cost

Syntec’s reliable, feature-rich and low cost AgentCall system allows you to improve efficiency and expand your contact centre with ease. The system is cloud-based, so offers you complete flexibility and reliability without the need to invest in any new hardware.

AgentCall enables you to manage and distribute inbound and outbound calls, web chats, SMS messages and emails throughout your contact centre network including to outsourced, remote and home workers.

Agents log in to the system via their web browsers – you don’t need any additional hardware or software. Once logged in, agent status is visible to managers and agents can update their availability from within their browser. Agents’ status histories act as live timesheets and give managers an instant overview of the whole contact centre.

Set up costs are minimal and AgentCall has a no-commitment, ‘pay as you go’ fee structure. You’re charged per agent per month, so you can easily scale up or down as your business needs change.