Real-time call monitoring and routing

Diverting calls quickly minimises queues, missed calls and hang ups and offers better service to your callers. Syntec offers a cost-effective call control solution enabling you to re-route and re-point numbers throughout your network of contact centres, including to homeworkers.

Manage changing call volumes

Calls are re-routed quickly so you have the flexibility to accommodate variations in agent availability and fluctuations in traffic levels. Call control also offers you disaster recovery capabilities – in the event of a problem calls can be re-routed at the touch of a button, providing you with high levels of resilience.

Out of hours call handling

Out of hours you can route calls to designated voicemail services or automatically direct callers to alternative contact centres. If traffic exceeds a pre-set level, you can interrupt incoming calls with a voicemail encouraging callers to leave a message. An email alert with the message included is then sent to your agents.

Complete flexibility

Our call control system offers you complete flexibility in how you want to deal with calls. Geographic routing can automatically send callers to their nearest branch. Ratio weighting allows for calls to be split appropriately between different locations to match available resources. Mid call transfers can be carried out across the network, quickly and easily.

Integrates with your existing systems

Syntec’c call control capability integrates with your existing IVR system so there’s no need to invest in additional hardware or line rental costs, and it’s infinitely scalable giving you complete flexibility whatever your call  volumes.

Key features at a glance

  • Full integration with IVR network
  • Minimal set up time and cost
  • Voicemail interception and out-of-hours support
  • Missed call alerts
  • Divert and mid-call transfers
  • Automated time or ratio call distribution
  • Swift re-routing to maximise call centre up time

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