Real-time views of your network call queues

Syntec offers the reliable and flexible network-based queue management systems in order to keep abandoned calls and disgruntled customers to a minimum. Queue settings can be configured to your particular requirements in terms of how long a caller has to wait or how many people need to be in the queue before an alternative routing option is triggered.

Simple online interface

The system operates via a simple online interface which gives your managers the real-time queue information that they need to monitor call volumes and queue length.

Customisable queue views

Queue views are completely customisable. You can view single or multiple queues, across one site or many. You can choose which fields you want to see and set alerts, for example to notify you when the number of callers waiting reaches a certain point. You can also display real time queue information to agents in your contact centre via wallboards.

Scalable and completely flexible

Our queue management system is network-based. This means queue management is instantly scalable and you can implement it into your contact centre without the need for any additional lines or ISDN channels – a significant cost saving. It’s priced on a per-seat basis and we don’t charge for holding the queue on our network, only for the queue view capability, making it extremely cost effective whatever the size of your business.

Key features at a glance

  • Real-time information across single or multiple queues
  • Flexibility to customise queue information views
  • Branded queue data displays available
  • Automatic alerts when queue volumes exceed set limits
  • Automatically trigger re-routing when volumes are high
  • Call-back in queue functionality enabling  you to call back people who don’t want to hold once they reach the top of the queue