Market-leading reporting capability

Syntec offers market-leading reporting capability so your contact centre managers know exactly what’s going on in the contact centre. You can track both inbound and outbound activity and get real-time statistics on call status, agent information, queue details, missed calls, call origination and much more. Completely configurable and customisable, your managers will have all the information they need in order to monitor staff workloads and ensure effective call management.


Reports configurable and completely secure

Reports can be configured to individual or job function level to ensure data security. All access to the system is centrally logged and permissions can be set at an individual user level so each person only has access to the data that they need.


Flexible data display

You have complete flexibility over how you want to display your data and the intuitive reporting facility is easy to navigate. A range of pre-defined reports are built in and you can also create tailored reports or views that are specific to your needs. Data can be displayed visually in graphs or charts, or you can download it for use in another package or presentation.


Key features at a glance

  • Wide range of pre-set reports for immediate use
  • Views, reports and fields all completely customizable
  • Secure data access through security permission settings
  • Real-time information feeds
  • Campaign-level information gives marketing insight
  • Export data for manipulation or presentation
  • Reports can be branded with your logo