Genesys is integrated with CardEasy, for secure payments in contact centers

CardEasy is a Managed Partner in the Genesys Appfoundry.

Appfoundry is a marketplace of solutions offering Genesys customers the most useful solution-centric marketplace for all Genesys platforms and CardEasy is integrated across all three:

Genesys’s ‘Best Security Solution’ at Call & Contact Center Expo in London (2018), CardEasy offers secure multi-channel payment services and full PCI compliance.

  • Agents are no longer exposed to customers’ payment card numbers, which are no longer captured in screen or call recordings
  • The card numbers do not enter the contact center or network, de-scoping this environment from PCI DSS
  • Eliminates the need for Pause & Resume (Stop/Start)
  • Ideal for remote and homeworkers
  • Agents can communicate with the customer throughout
  • IVR ‘Autopay’ is ideal where no agent assistance is required and for 24/7 customer service
  • CardEasy Digital enables secure payments via e-mail, SMS, webchat, social media and chatbots
  • CardEasy aids GDPR compliance too

How does CardEasy work?

CardEasy Voice The customer enters their card numbers using the touchtone keypad of their phone (DTMF masking). Payment data is passed via the CardEasy cloud to the merchant’s Payment Services Provider (PSP) via a secure connection and the transaction result is returned in real time.

Audio from caller to agent is muted briefly while the customer enters the middle six digits of their long card number (PAN) and CV2, so the agent (and call recording) are not exposed to these card numbers even if the caller reads them out whilst entering them. A compliant ASR alternative is available.

For Genesys Cloud environments, CardEasy can be deployed as a full cloud to cloud (SIP) solution or with an on-premise (CPE) appliance for environments where an Edge device is used to support local media. For premise-based versions of Genesys Engage and PureConnect, CardEasy supports both ISDN and SIP telephony (within the same CPE appliance) at the voice network edge.

CardEasy Digital is URL based, requiring no voice infrastructure and works via any channel supporting an HTML link or QR code sent by the agent. The customer clicks on the link, opening a secure payment page where they can check the order and input their card data, which is submitted for payment in the same way as CardEasy Voice.

CardEasy Analytics are available for real time data, dashboards and web-based reporting.

Syntec is the Managed Service Provider CardEasy is Syntec’s proprietary, patented system. Syntec is a Coalfire-verified PCI DSS level 1 service provider; a Visa Merchant Agent, Mastercard Service Provider; and a participating member organization of the global PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

There is more information, case studies and videos on CardEasy here.

To request a demo please get in touch.

“CardEasy allows Genesys customers a seamless way to de-scope their contact centers from PCI DSS, with little or no requirement for technology change. We are delighted to be a Genesys Managed Partner, with CardEasy integrated across all three Appfoundry platforms”

Simon Beeching, Business Development Director, Syntec CardEasy