Omni-channel payments

CardEasy Digital supports the increasing array of multi-channel communication options required for contact centers.

The solution complements CardEasy’s secure phone payment options for the voice channel, to support digital evolution in contact centers with a full suite of omni-channel payment options.

The CardEasy Digital service allows contact center agents to generate single-use secure payment links or QR codes from which customers can open a secure payment page on their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to pay by card. The links are sent to the customer via whichever digital channel is being used - including for e-mail payments, SMS payments, webchat payments, video, WhatsApp, payment by social media and payment using chatbots.

As with all CardEasy solutions, the payment card numbers are not seen by the agent and bypass your contact center via the integrated CardEasy service, de-scoping it from PCI DSS and providing maximum compliance and reassurance across your entire contact center operations.

Try the QR code here to bring up the dummy CardEasy Digital payment page on your smartphone


How CardEasy Digital works

Service set-up is via API and is flexible and easy to integrate – no hardware required.

Using CardEasy Digital, contact center agents can generate single-use secure html payment links or QR codes. The agent sends the link to the customer via any digital communication channel. This provides the customer with access to a secure payment page (served by CardEasy) which they complete with their payment card details. The customer can complete this page on any device which is connected to the internet, including computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Once the customer has clicked the link or scanned the QR code to open the payment page on their device, CardEasy Digital works in a choice of two modes:

  1. The agent remains connected to the customer (e.g. via webchat) to support them through to transaction completion. CardEasy Digital provides the agent with real-time visibility of the customer's progress - from opening the secure payment page to entering their card numbers (only visible to the agent as asterisks) and completing the transaction.
  2. ‘Fire and forget’, for instance via e-mail or SMS, where the agent sends the customer the secure link and then moves on to other tasks without tracking the customer’s progress.

Either way, the captured card data is securely submitted to the merchant’s payment services provider by CardEasy for authorization. The transaction is completed in the usual manner and communicated back via CardEasy in real-time to the merchant’s back office systems and to the agent (if they are still connected).

Real-time reporting ensures that the effectiveness of using secure payment links can be tracked, with analytics to allow further data interrogation, such as successful and abandoned payments, as well as those which are part-completed and might benefit from direct follow-up.

Payment links can be set to expire at a chosen time or duration or be left without a time limit.

Benefits of CardEasy Digital

  • Facilitates PCI DSS-compliant payments across digital channels in addition to the core CardEasy voice channel solutions
  • Increases revenue by enabling payments via digital channels
  • A choice of seamless in-channel payment options avoids the need to refer customers to pay by other means or via an alternative channel to the one in use at the time
  • No disruption to the customer experience or journey, whichever channel they choose
  • Customers can be sent messages or reminders to pay, including a follow up to an e-commerce enquiry or incomplete shopping cart with an invitation to use the secure link or QR code to pay there and then, to increase conversion
  • Agnostic to which service provider(s) are used for your digital communication such as webchat – so no need to change suppliers to use CardEasy Digital for secure payments
  • Agnostic to payment services provider (PSP) and back office CRM systems used – so no need to change your existing infrastructure to use CardEasy Digital
  • The card data can be tokenized for future use, as with CardEasy voice channel solutions
  • CardEasy Digital removes these digital channels from PCI DSS scope too
  • All CardEasy services are developed and supplied by Syntec, a PCI DSS level 1 service provider; Visa Merchant Agent; member of the global Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council; and ISO 27001, 9001, 22301 and 14001 accredited