Syntec offers its services direct to organizations and we are also very happy to work through resellers, agents and referral partners as well as other intermediaries such as outsourcers, in order to offer the best possible service to the end customer and their contact center operations.

We have offered our numbering and other telephony services such as call recording through leading resellers for many years, with the key feature that the end-user may still access their detailed Syntec web-based reporting directly through the Syntec Webstats portal as a sub account.  If you are a reseller and would like to be able to offer this service to your own customers, please contact

More recently, as our range of contact center management systems has expanded, other technology and service organizations have readily formed partnerships with us to offer aligned and integrated contact center services to clients, in particular in the ‘card payment by phone’ arena where integration is key.  These partnerships are usually mutually beneficial both in terms of creating a joint proposition to the client and also generating revenue-share, so if you think such a mutual partnership approach might suit your business, please contact

Syntec’s CardEasy keypad payment by phone system is integrated with the leading international payment gateways including:




global payments

lateral payments

Syntec’s partnership approach is not limited only to payment service providers, although we are naturally proud to be working with the leading names in this sector.  Syntec also partners with other leading business communications organizations, outsourcers and also trade associations in order to integrate and provide our services to the widest possible audience in the realm of call centers and contact centers.