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July 2020

  • Enabling secure payments via social media channels
  • Some pitfalls of PCI DSS and GDPR to avoid for contact centers and remote workers
  • Secure card payment using automatic speech recognition (ASR)s

June 2020

  • Enabling secure and PCI-compliant payments via webchat
  • De-scoping contact centers and remote workers in the era of COVID-19
  • A guide to PCI DSS in contact centers

May 2020

  • How to maintain PCI compliance when you’re working remotely
  • New – CardEasy Digital

April 2020

  • Covid help for homeworkers
  • 10 steps to multichannel payment security in contact centers

December 2019

  • Syntec’s new offices in Ealing Green
  • Donations to the Woodland Trust and Ealing Council for the planting and maintenance of trees
  • Christmas opening hours

November 2019

  • Hiscox case study
  • Point to point encryption vs DTMF masking
  • PCI London 2020

September 2019

  • Substantial GDPR fines mean the stakes are high for any company holding personal data
  • DTMF masking doesn’t just enable secure keypad payment by phone, it also offers a much better customer experience
  • Dive into the future of customer experience at G-Summit Europe

May 2019

  • Top five takeaways from new PCI guidelines
  • Six steps to payment card security using CardEasy
  • Updated guide to PCI DSS in contact centers

December 2018

  • Updated PCI DSS guidelines for telephone payments
  • Updated research shows DTMF masking becoming the new standard for secure card payments in contact centers

August 2018

  • John Greenwood on de-scoping from PCI DSS, DTMF secure payment and GDPR
  • Kevin Dowd on why organizations shouldn’t touch payment card data

May 2018

  • Expert insight interview – Neira Jones on GDPR, DTMF masking and the future of payment security
  • How we handle your data – new privacy policy

April 2018

  • Data protection hots up in the UK, US and Australia
  • CardEasy wins Geneysis Best Security Solution award at Call and Contact Center Expo 2018
  • How we handle your data – new privacy policy

February 2018

  • The history of DTMF in contact centers
  • How Locus H20 Wireless removed PCI risk from its omni-channel contact center in the US
  • CardEasy wins a second PCI Award for Excellence

October 2017

  • Pause and resume is dead
  • How Staples uses CardEasy
  • CardEasy live video demo

September 2017

  • CardEasy live video demo
  • How will the death of cash affect the payment card industry?
  • Free ebook – guide to PCI DSS in contact centers

May 2017

  • How PCI compliance can help you achieve GDPR compliance too
  • Syntec’s attending the CNP Expo

March 2017

  • Syntec launches SynPBX Zoho integration
  • How DTMF payment reduces average call handling time

February 2017

  • The evolution of Syntec
  • Syntec wins prestigious award for PCI Excellence

January 2017

  • Ten benefits of a hosted PBX system
  • Launch of SynPBX
  • Micron chooses CardEasy for its US and EMEA outsourcers and call centers

September 2016

  • Concern about payment card security is global
  • Launch of Syntec’s new hosted SynPBX service
  • The key to successful PCI DSS projects

July 2016

  • How Allied Irish Bank is using CardEasy to de-scope from PCI DSS
  • UK regulation of outbound telemarketing scores another own goal
  • How consumers view payment card security – infographic

April 2016

  • Five ways to reduce call queuing in your contact center
  • How consumers view contact center security – infographic
  • How can my contact center become PCI DSS compliant? A checklist of considerations.

February 2016

  • Porting reality – the real deal behind UK number portability
  • CardEasy leads the way in the travel industry for making card payments secure in call centers

January 2016

  • Twelve new year’s resolutions for your contact center
  • Ten key developments in contact center management in 2016

December 2015

  • The twelve days of Syntec Christmas

November 2015

  • Making IVR payments PCI DSS compliant
  • PCI compliance in call centers – webinar recording
  • Winning your customers’ trust with PCI compliance

September 2015

  • The reluctance of contact center managers to pay  over the phone
  • Outsourcers and homeworkers need to be PCI compliant too

July 2015

  • Handling the challenges of PCI DSS compliance in contact centers
  • Advice on managing the implications of Ofcom’s number changes
  • Connected customers – are you meeting their needs?

June 2015

  • How to make your call recordings PCI DSS compliant
  • Getting the most out of your contact center’s real time reporting capabilities

March 2015

  • Important advice on Ofcom numbering changes
  • Top ten tips for IVR best practice

February 2015

  • Ten questions to ask before you appoint a new SIP supplier
  • Managing multi-channel communications in contact centers – opportunities and challenges
  • PCI DSS compliance – why does it matter and how can you ensure you’re compliant?

January 2015

  • Five case studies
  • Miele, Scotts Ltd, Teletext Holidays, Delfont Macintosh & Charles Tywhitt

November 2014

  • Techniques to make the contact center more powerful
  • Cloud-gazing – the future of contact center technology
  • Call recording in your contact center – advice for wise practice

September 2014

  • The Syntec rebrand
  • Attendance at CC Expo 2014
  • Video summary of our research into PCI DSS in call centers

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