Cost effective and secure call recording

Basic RGBCall Record is a cost-effective network-level solution that monitors and records your inbound and outbound calls, including home users, branch offices and even temporary locations. You can listen to calls remotely from any location using a secure web connection. A simple ‘drag and drop’ interface enables you to control access to recordings and change permission settings quickly and simply. You can also benefit from free archiving of recordings for 12 months using a dual archive system which removes the risk of data loss.

Full time call recording has traditionally been expensive, requiring investment in expensive hardware to ensure recording quality. With Syntec that’s not the case as our call recording solution operates at network level. This means that it works with your existing telephony system and doesn’t require any capital expenditure, making it flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

Syntec’s CardEasy system also de-scopes your recordings from PCI DSS regulations and audits whilst allowing them to remain full length for quality control and compliance.