IVR increases the efficiency of your call handling

IVR technology enables you to automate aspects of the service you provide in your call centre. Using IVR means that many incoming calls can be dealt with without the caller needing to queue or speak to an agent. This improves the service you offer to your callers and also frees up call centre agents’ time so they can deal with more complex enquiries.

The benefits of using Syntec’s IVR solutions

Using Syntec’s IVR system, you can automatically identify and segment callers and prioritise, direct or divert their call to the appropriate agent, whether onsite or remote. Syntec’s IVR solutions offer you complete control over your system in a live web-based environment. This gives you the flexibility you need to respond quickly when things change, for example to deal with unexpected staff shortages, load balancing between call centres or disaster recovery.

Syntec’s CardEasy keypad payment by phone system allows you to take card phone payment mid-call or IVR-driven, to comply with PCI DSS regulations.

What does Syntec’s IVR solution offer?

  • Reduce caller waiting time by automating the handling of routine calls
  • Interactive voice prompts as well as menu-based routing of calls
  • Offer callers the choice of whether to wait for an agent or choose the automated service
  • Calls are hosted outside your telephone system so you can reduce the cost of inbound lines
  • Maintain a professional image by ensuring that callers do not get a ‘busy’ signal
  • Calls can be intelligently routed between different call centres
  • Promote your brand by playing appropriate music or marketing messages whilst callers are on hold
  • Route calls intelligently depending on the time of day
  • Maintain a 24/7 service without live agents needing to be available round the clock or route calls to voicemail out of hours
  • Quick and easy disaster recovery call diversion if the worst should happen

Syntec’s ResponseTrack system also lets you dynamically  route calls without IVR, based on what the caller has been looking at on your website.