From PSTN and VoIP to DTMF suppression and analytics

The world of traditional telephony, PSTN (public switched telephony network), is changing rapidly. Voice traffic, once the sole constituency of expensive private circuits, is now quickly being moved to cheaper more widely available networks based on the internet protocols TCP/IP.

Despite the hype, the telephony world is still heavily reliant on the older tried and trusted PSTN technology. The large national carriers, such as BT in the UK, have announced a planned migration to ‘next generation networking’ which seeks to replace the PSTN network completely with IP compliant equipment. These networks will offer much greater integration and full convergence of voice, data and video services.

Basic RGBIn the meantime, businesses and their service providers must ensure that new investment in telecommunications makes best use of the emerging technology whilst retaining full compatibility with the existing network infrastructure, and just as importantly, with the next generation networks when they finally arrive.

Syntec has invested heavily in PSTN and TCP/IP infrastructure and has sound, practical experience of merging these very different technologies. Customers who purchase their VoIP connectivity from Syntec can be assured that they will continue to enjoy full functionality, regardless of the method the large carriers choose to deliver their ‘dial-tone’ services.

If you are looking for products and services in this increasingly complex sector, then you should speak to Syntec first. From line rental, SIP trunks and numbering through to IVR, call routing & recording and even new technologies such as DTMF suppression, tracking & analytics, we can help.