Here are some testimonials from our clients and partners.

One of the good things about CardEasy is that it is payment processor or acquirer agnostic so you have one solution that fits all of your customers. Generally, the amount of effort that Syntec has had to put it in from an integration perspective has been very little, which has been really good. Confidence levels are high. Everything is good.

The price was important, and the fact that it was a hosted solution, and the ease of implementation, but it was also really important to find a company that was good to work with. I just found that you guys were just so amazing from sales to tech support; just great to work with. It was probably one of the best implementations that I’ve seen in my career.

The professionalism with which Syntec approached everything was second to none and they assisted us and bent over backwards to ensure we were PCI compliant. They are always quick in their approach and have assisted us in areas where they did not even have to, which is a testament to their professionalism. CardEasy itself is simple and easy to use and takes away the risk for our customers knowing their card details are secure.

We chose Syntec because they had the solution that we needed to de-scope our live contact center agent and IVR environment. Syntec was the only vendor that provided the flexibility to integrate with our home-grown systems because their system can be cloud-based, with no requirement to change any of our existing IT.

DTMF touchtone card payment in call centers is the new industry standard for PCI DSS-compliant MOTO payments by phone & call recording.  Our integration and strategic partnership with Syntec’s CardEasy system lets merchants satisfy all the key PCI controls in this environment with just one solution.  It is also better trusted by customers than having to read their card numbers out, whilst also improving the customer/agent experience and reducing call handling times.

Ingenico ePayments is integrated with Syntec’s CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ system to keep the card data out of the contact center environment altogether, thus taking you out of scope of PCI DSS controls without compromising customer experience.

“CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ was the perfect fit to resolve the PCI compliance and data security needs in Staples’ major call centers in Europe. This was because of its ease of use mid-call, the breadth of PCI DSS issues it resolves in one go,  the flexibility of integration with all our differing systems and the ability for them to meet our tokenisation requirements”

We wanted to further enhance data security in our call center and decided to use Syntec’s secure phone keypad payment (DTMF), as it’s important to our customers that our payment solution is safe and easy to use.

CardEasy works just as effectively for callers in the USA, Germany and Australia as in the UK.

We have been impressed by the flexibility, ease of integration and support of the CardEasy system, as well as its PCI DSS security to protect in-house operations and our outsourced service providers in the USA and EMEA.

The CardEasy solution easily de-scopes us from PCI DSS compliance and mitigates the risk of any internal fraud. The platform is scalable and easy to use…along with the confidence we have in Syntec who have been instrumental in a smooth implementation, guiding us and offering insight.

Overall we’re very happy with CardEasy. We need systems that support our high quality customer service ethos and meet our commercial requirements and in our case, CardEasy matches those needs and does exactly what it promised.

Worldpay is a recognised leader in security and risk. Our joint proposition with Syntec offers a secure transaction service while removing the need for call centers to have onerous annual PCI audits.

Syntec have become core to the Teletext Holidays business. Working in progressive partnership, we’ve been able to co-develop business improvements and really push the boundaries as we’ve moved to a digital-only business.

Miele selected Syntec’s pioneering, hosted CardEasy system to enrich customer service whilst de-scoping us from large sections of PCI DSS regulations, which otherwise require significant cost and effort to satisfy.

Realex is delighted to be partnering with Syntec’s CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ technology, which is fully integrated with the Realex payment gateway. This enables our customers to de-scope call centers, outsourcers and home-workers from PCI-DSS regulations and audits, whilst providing seamless and secure MOTO transactions.

Because we were so pleased with the service and the IVR functionality that Syntec offered,  we were happy to share our findings with our colleagues in the catalog and online retail industry. Six years on and we’re still happy!

Syntec has helped us improve our call center service levels and make cost efficiencies – a real win-win, backed up by very responsive levels of customer service.

I’m delighted to be working with Syntec again on our new Sun Holidays website. They offer supportive and efficient account management and have a range of integrated services and web reporting which are already familiar to many well-known travel brands.

We are excited about our new partnership with Syntec. The CardEasy ‘keypad payment by phone’ system, integrated with our telephony and booking platforms, provides our customers with a simple and cost- effective solution to comply with PCI DSS regulations when taking card payments by phone.

What makes Syntec’s CardEasy payment service stand out is that to customers it is so much more secure.