After-call surveys

Before a caller is connected to your contact center they hear a short message letting them know that if they stay on the line at the end of the call they will have the opportunity to give feedback on the call.  At the end of the call, if they don’t hang up when the agent does, they are thanked and asked a short series of simple questions. They also have the opportunity to leave an open-ended message if they wish.

This enables you to keep track of any potential problems in your contact center in near-real time, so you can intervene quickly and prevent problems from escalating. If a caller has experienced a problem then they can let you know about it immediately and you can take action to put things right, thus improving customer satisfaction.
After-call Surveys
Surveys can be completely tailored to your individual needs. You can deploy one standard survey across all your IVR applications or you can have different surveys for each. Surveys can be modified in real time so that a caller can be asked some questions and not others depending on the answers that they give.

You pay a price per survey conducted, so if a caller doesn’t answer at least one question then you won’t be charged.  If you are also using Syntec’s AgentCall contact center management solution then after-call surveys can be integrated with this to enable you to track survey responses on a per agent basis.