agentTrackerScreen2aIf your contact center uses Syntec’s AgentCall solution then you can add powerful extra functionality by integrating ScreenView in order to provide your agents with individual caller analytics and let your agent see what the caller is looking at on your website or even ask to share the customer’s web screen.

  • Dynamically route and prioritise calls based on the way in which visitors have interacted with your website, without the need for IVR.
  •  Set up targeted ‘on hold’ messages based on the caller’s website interest and prior history, and deploy tailored in-page responses while the user is still online.
  • Enable your agents to see the page your caller is looking at in real time.
  • Link ScreenView with your CRM system and caller recognition (CLI) to give your agents real-time information such as purchase history as well as which web pages the customer has looked at this time.
  • Prioritise calls based on caller history by answering repeat customers first.
  • Enable agents to see if prospects have called before and to read notes that other agents have left against the call.