Teletext Holidays and Truly Travel


Teletext Holidays is a trusted and household name, saving consumers money on their all-important holiday getaway for over 20 years. In 2013, Teletext Holidays appointed Truly Travel as its sole supplier of package holiday offers for advertising and fulfillment through the site.

The challenge

The challenge for Teletext Holidays is to manage a huge webmarketing budget cost-effectively.  But as per the old question ‘I know I’m wasting half of my advertising – but which half?’ there was a need for attribution of spend back to the website searches and keywords generating Teletext Holidays’ resulting telephone enquiries.

Truly Travel also wanted to take this one step further when the enquiry came through by phone, to inform the agent onscreen which offer the caller was looking at on the Teletext website in realtime, when the call has come through to the individual agent.

The solution

Syntec’s ResponseTrack software was integrated with Teletext Holidays website so that each offer displayed on the webpage dynamically displays a different telephone number to call, displayed only on that web session for that particular person browsing the website at that time.

If the web session results in an enquiry call, the telephone number displayed therefore acts as a unique identifier linked directly to that web session and product offer.   ResponseTrack’s analytics can thus give Teletext Holidays detailed realtime and historic reporting to allow cost per enquiry analysis by keyword/ search as well as detail on the channels by which visitors are coming to their site and individual offers, for detailed marketing cost attribution.

Truly Travel, in turn, is then able to take advantage of ResponseTrack’s unique ScreenView technology, linked also to Syntec’s AgentCall software, allowing the agent to ask the caller if they can view the webpage they are looking at, so as to service the enquiry and make the sale accordingly.  Facilitated by the same ResponseTrack linkage between the website session and the call by means of the dynamic telephone number replacement on Teletext’s website, this can be achieved at the touch of a button, allowing instant screenshring by the Truly Travel agent to see the product offer the caller is looking at.

The results

Teletext has been able to significantly optimise its web marketing campaigns and spend by using Response Track, whilst maintaining the same level of response.

ResponseTrack’s webmarketing analytics and ScreenView facility for sales agents has added significant marketing insight and financial efficiency to Teletext’s business model,  as well as unique customer service benefit to the new and growing partnership between Teletext Holidays and offers/fulfillment partners Truly Travel.  In a highly competitive and low-margin industry sector, this combination of extra marketing firepower and margin improvement as well as customer service gain can quite simply be the difference between success and failure of a travel business.

Syntec have become core to the Teletext Holidays business. Working in progressive partnership, we’ve been able to co-develop business improvements and really push the boundaries as we’ve moved to a digital-only business.